Monday, January 30, 2012


I haven't received my travel plans yet, so I'll have to let you know next week all the specifics, but I'll most likely leave Monday morning. I think the 6th? Whatever date Monday is. But yeah, we thought we were going to get our travel plans yesterday, but we didn't, so hopefully they come soon. Apparently there are a lot of missionaries leaving to Mexico on the same day as I am, so I think the travel office is just behind on paperwork or something.
We had another district leave from our zone this week. It was pretty sad. For only knowing them for 6 weeks or so, I felt like pretty good friends with some of them. I hope everything is going well at home. I heard from grandma this week. She wrote me a letter. She said she's doing well and Megan was going and taking care of Grandma great every now and then so grandma could get out and do stuff without having to worry. I thought that was great.
I think letters usually take about two days to get here, so packages would probably not take much longer than that, so I'll probably get it next Tuesday or Wednesday or something. I don't know, the mail service in here isn't super efficient when it comes to packages ha ha.
Well, tell everyone I love them and am grateful for all they do.
A Muchas gracias. Te amo mucho! Elder Janda


Everything here is basically the same.
I got to host this week which means I got to go stand out on the curb when the new missionaries come and get their luggage and go help them find their way around. It was pretty fun. I got to host Nathan Lewis which was cool. Even though we were never really good friends, it was still cool seeing someone I knew.
I can't really think of anything I'm craving or needing. Katie sent me a package last week full of candy and stuff and I still have almost all of that ha ha.
Canaan is hilarious. That story reminds me of one of the missionaries I met here. His name is Elder Cannon. At the first fireside while we were waiting in line to get in. He just turned around and stared at us completely straight faced, and then every time we saw him after that, he would do the same for a few weeks. And then one day he just started talking to us. He's pretty cool. He's leaving on Sunday. But he reminds me of all the stories you tell me about Canaan. Ha ha
My companion is on the computer next to me, and I guess he was emailing one of the missionaries that left the week after we got here, and went to Washington DC South, where Katie's grandparents are serving a missions. And I guess he met them ha ha.
One of the districts in my zone is leaving on Monday. It's weird, I've only known them for 7 weeks or so, but I know them way better than I would get to know anyone back home in the same amount of time. Well tell everyone I say hi and that I love them all.
Te amo. Elder Janda