Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hola, I hope you all had a great week. My week was alright. We had 2 day exchanges at the beginning of the week on Tuesday and Wednesday, and for some reason they decided to do it between three companionship's, so I was with my district leader, his companion went with one of the zone leaders, and the other zone leader was with my companion. It was pretty fun. I like my district leader a lot. He's really cool. He's from Utah, I don't remember which city, but one of those cities right up by Provo. The first day, we taught some pretty interesting lessons. We taught one lesson to a Hindu guy, and we taught it in his bedroom, but instead of having a door to his room, he just had a mattress leaning in the doorway haha and then his room was really small, he just had a mattress on the ground for his bed and then he had a table. So he and Elder Anderson, my district leader, sat on the mattress, and I sat on a bucket. On one of the walls, he had a big tapestry type thing hanging that had a picture on it of Vishnu, one of the Hindu gods, and he was burning incense made of cow poop the whole time during our lesson. His room smelled super weird, it was like a mix of cow poop incense and marijuana haha, but the lesson went really well he seemed really interested in everything we had to say and it seemed like he understood. I don't know if they've taught him again since then though, but it will be interesting to see what happens. After the exchanges we all just met at the chapel in my district leaders area and then went back to our areas. The rest of the week was kinda lame. We had nearly all of our lessons fall through it seemed like, and ended up doing a ton of knocking doors. Every one is still on vacation though, so not a lot of people were home, so we didn't really find anyone new to teach. We did find this one old guy, and taught him once, but then when we went back for our next appointment, he wasn't there. We haven't gotten to teach Manuel Vera since Tuesday when my companion and Elder Cox, one of the zone leaders, taught him. Every time we pass by, he isn't home. I think his work schedule changed, and apparently, he got a message from his daughter on Friday or Saturday and so went to go look for her. I still haven't heard what happened with all that though, whether he has found her yet or not. Yesterday, we were supposed to baptize two of the Zavala kids. Originally, we were going to baptize four kids, but then at the last minute, the mother of the other two came and decided she didn't want their grandmother taking care of them and took the kids, so we were only left with the two older ones. Then, yesterday, we passed by on the way to church to make sure they were coming and everything, and apparently the younger of the two was super nervous and didn't sleep well and got sick or something, so they didn't go. It was pretty lame. We're hoping that they'll get baptized this next Sunday, but we'll see. Manuel Vera is also supposed to get baptized this next Sunday, but since we haven't been able to teach him all the lessons yet, I'm not sure what is going to happen. Hopefully we can find him this next week. Today, we had a zone activity. We went to the stake center, and played football, then we went to a buffet, then, we were going to watch a movie, but they didn't really plan it out, so we didn't have a movie to watch haha. It was still fun though. Well, I hope you all have a great week. I love you and can't wait to hear back from you. Love, Elder Janda