Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/26/13 I'm glad to everything is going well. Have you received any news about Kyle's visa? That's great that Grandma and Grandpa came but too bad that Grandpa Dale's kind of losing his mind. This week was really good. The two kids that got baptized last week both got confirmed and recieved the priesthood yesterday. It was awesome. Also Jorge got baptized on Saturday and confirmed and received the priesthood yesterday. Jorge is a 60 year old man who used to be an alcoholic and has also had several other difficult times in his life. He almost didn't get baptized this week because he needed a special interview, but the mission president talked to him on the phone and talked to the missionary that interviewed him and decided that he could get baptized. Our mission president also came to our ward yesterday, which was really cool. After church, he, with his assistants, came with us to eat. It was funny because all 5 of us are from the US, which nearly never happens. After eating, the sister that we ate with told us that she had had a dream the night before where she was serving food to 5 americans, but she didn't know who they were or why she was serving them or anything. And then we all showed up to eat haha. And her dream became true haha. It was pretty funny. Everything continues well in my area with my companion. I don't know the new address for the offices, but I'll get it or you for next week. I love you, and I hope you have a fantastic week. Love, Elder Janda 8/19/13 That's too bad about the weather. I'm pretty sure I'm going to either die or never leave the house once I'm back in the heat haha. I can't believe August is already more than half gone. Time is flying by way too fast. This week was pretty good. Fernando and Mauricio got baptized. They were both really excited. Fernando is 20 and Mauricio is 14. The baptism service was awesome. The room was completely full. There were probably a good 30 people there including a few people who weren't members. Other than that it was a pretty average week. I've been downloading and studying a lot of general conference talks lately. It's really cool. This week I was studying a talk by President Monson from back when he was Elder Monson in 1971. It's a great talk. It's called Lost Battalions. I've also been reading Jesus the Christ again. The other day, my companion and I were walking down the street and we saw some kids playing, and you'll never guess what they were playing. They were playing marbles. I thought it was so funny and completely random. Normally kids are playing video games or watching tv or just doing dumb stuff. But this time they were playing marbles haha. Anyway. I hope you have a fantastic week. I love you. Love, Elder Janda