Thursday, June 7, 2012

This week was a little better. We have four people that could possibly get baptized this next week. I'm pretty sure two of them will, the other two will probably be the next week, but we'll see. Three of them have their interviews set for tomorrow, and and we're going to try to talk to the other to set up an interview tomorrow as well. Today, we went to the Centro. It was cool. My companion's brother is serving in the Mexico City East mission, so we met him there, and someone from one of his old wards went as well. She goes to there all the time, so she knew where everything was and how to get around and stuff. It was cool. We went to a bunch of used book stores. They had so many books it was crazy. My companion found all the volumes of Doctrine of Salvation for only 90 pesos. I found a really old Spanish hymnal from 1942 which has a bunch of hymns that aren't in the Spanish hymnal anymore. I also bought a new backpack for only 40 pesos. Those popscicle things that you bought that are made with fruit are just the popscicles that they make here. They're super good. If you found a Michoacana, they will have them. I think there's one on Arizona Ave somewhere haha. That's crazy that everyone is getting there mission calls. It'll be interesting to see where everyone goes. Good luck with Courtney's ipod haha. I love you, and I hope you have a great week. Elder Janda

Sounds like you're all doing really well. I wish I could go camping haha. This week we ate with the relief society president. She gave us first this sea food soup which was basically just shrimp and clams and some fish in broth. It was interesting, but good. The shrimp were still whole with the heads and the exoskeletons and everything, and the fish still had all the bones and some of the skin on it haha. Then she gave us some more shrimp that she cooked with peppers and cheese and some sauce and we made tacos out of it. It was good, but it made me want to go fishing haha. It's so weird to think that Courtney is going into high school. Selene, the older of the two girls that we baptized about a month and a half ago reminds me of her, but she's only 11 haha. It's going to be weird when I get home and she's 16 haha. I haven't gotten the package yet, but I assume it's probably just in the offices. I haven't had an excuse to go there in a while, so I haven't been able to check. This week, we had an open house at the chapel. It went alright. It was frustrating though, because nobody helped us plan it at all except the relief society president, and then we wanted to have a little refreshment or something after, so we were trying to figure out how we would do it so that the ward would pay for it, because apparently the system for getting money wasn't working or something, so we were talking with the bishop and the ward mission leader and everyone trying to figure it out and nobody had a resolution. We talked to the ward mission leader, and he told us the bishop said he would figure it out, so we called the bishop, and he said his counselor, Roman, would buy all the stuff, so we called him, and he said the ward mission leader was going to buy everything. In the end, one of the members ended up paying for everything. His family and the relief society president are really the only people that help us out when we have problems. Even though he doesn't have a job, and his car broke down twice this week. I hope after my mission that I can be as good of a member of the church as he is. The rest of the week was pretty frustrating as well, it seemed like nobody was home or everyone was busy all week. We taught about half as many lessons as we normally do. I hope this next week goes better. Well, I hope you have a great week. I love you. Elder Janda