Friday, October 4, 2013

10-4-13 I didn't get Kyle's email. I'm glad he's doing well, even though I'm sure it must be difficult. Hopefully he's got a good trainer that will help him. Everything here is going well. That's crazy that everyone is going on missions haha. Things are going well with my new companion. Sometimes he makes me laugh because he doesn't really know what is going on yet. Sometimes he asks questions that to me seem obvious. I'm sure I'll be the same way when I get back home haha. And he's still trying to learn Spanish, but he actually speaks pretty well and understands well considering he only has two weeks here. We found some new investigators this week, but I'm still not sure if they are going to progress or not. Yesterday at church it was both good and bad. We didn't have any investigators go, which was pretty lame. We did have about 12 less active members go however, which was pretty cool. Hopefully they'll keep going. I'm really excited for conference this weekend. It's going to be awesome. I also can't believe that it's going to be my last conference in the mission. It's crazy how fast time is flying. Well, I hope you have a great week. I love you :) Love, Elder Janda
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