Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This week was pretty good. We had 8 investigators come to the church. Way more than we've ever had before, and I'm pretty sure they'll all get baptized in these next two weeks. Other than that, there's not really anything new going on. I sent the email with the pictures, but I'll try to send it again. It sounds like you all had a great week at the reunion. Haha Mitch told me that the beach boys were going to be there. (Stadium of Fire in Provo)  I'm sure it was cool to see them. Haha I'm surprised Grandpa Dale stayed out there and watched it with you guys haha. (We watched "How to Train your Dragon on the lawn, Grandpa Dale joined, 90 years old)  That's cool that he did though. Well I hope you all have a great week. Tell everyone I say hi. I love you. Elder Janda


This week was good. We have a new family that we're going to start teaching. There are three kids and the two parents. They seems really interested. The whole reason they got interested in the church was because of the youth programs. They want a church that will help they're kids grow up right, which is basically the whole purpose of all of our youth programs and everything haha, so I think they'll probably get baptized. I hope you all have fun up in Utah. Tell everyone I say hi and that I love them all. That's too bad about the forest fires. Especially since you can't have fireworks. haha Yeah they watch the world cup down here, but I haven't heard much about it. My companion won't be happy that Spain won. He said he wanted anyone to win but them haha. Yesterday was the elections here for president and everything. We've heard that Peña Nieto won, but we're not sure. My companion doesn't think the whole count has gone in yet. He didn't want Peña to win. Apparently he's really corrupt. That's about all that's going on here. I found in our apartment a bag with a ton of Liahonas in it, so I've been reading those. Every once in a while they have really good talks from past prophets or apostles. There was one by Heber J. Grant, and another by Bruce R. McConkie. Those are always cool to read. I read a really good talk from Bruce R. McConkie about the Atonement. It's called ''the Purifying Power of Gethsemane''. I hope you have a great week and have fun in Utah with everyone. I´m going to send another email with some pictures in it. I love you. Elder Janda


Happy Father's day! This week went alright. We need to find more people to
teach, but when it comes to knocking doors and contacting, my companion
always get lazy. I'm glad you had fun in Portland. That's great that you
are all going to go out with the missionaries. It's going to be a great
experience. I wish the bishop here would help us out some more. He's always
busy though. He doesn't get home til 8 or later every night from work, and
by then we usually are already teaching our last lesson of the day. Sounds
like everyone is doing great. Hopefully you and Mom can find some fun
things to do this week so you don't get too bored haha. This week, we went
to go visit one of the less actives in our ward, and usually when we go
teach, his wife isn't there, but this time she was. So we were talking to
her and she said that a lady that lives in the apartment across the hall
wanted us to go visit her, because she's been having trouble with alcohol
and wants to quit, but alcoholics anonymous didn't help her. So the next
day, we went and talked with her. It went really well. I think she'll
progress, and she said the guy she lives with is interested too. And that's
not even the best part. She's from Prague in the Czech Republic. It was
funny when we went and were teaching her, because we taught her in Spanish,
but you can tell that even though she speaks Spanish really well, it's not
her native language, but since neither of us speak Czech it was the best we
could do. Haha She has two little kids. A 7-year old boy and a 5-year old
girl. We didn't see her son, he was in the other room watching tv, but we
saw her daughter. She reminded me of a younger Courtney haha. She had the
similar facial characteristics and the same hair haha. It was weird. Well,
I hope you have a great week. I love you. Elder Janda