Monday, August 13, 2012

Everything here is going pretty good. Elsa finally got confirmed this week. She hasn't been able to go to the church the past two weeks because the first week she got sick and then the next week her boyfriend lost her phone and so she didn't wake up on time. Yesterday, we started teaching these two kids, one is 8 and the other just turned 10. I was teaching them before, when they were staying with their grandma, but then their mom decided to take them and that she didn't want them to go to the church, but then the other day, she saw us in the street and stopped us and asked us to give her a blessing. We're going to start preparing the kids for baptism. They're are the cousins of the two girls that I baptized in April. Right now we don't really have a whole lot of people that we're teaching but we're searching for more and hopefully this next week we can find some people who are interested. This last week, we had an activity where we went and played basketball and soccer and stuff with the ward and we brought some investigators and some less actives. It was really fun. The only problem was that it was raining haha, but we played anyway. I was really surprised, usually the people down here try to evade the rain like the plague, but we actually had a good turnout. Then on Saturday morning, we had to go to the Perla stake center which is about an hour away for a meeting that we had with Elder Alonzo of the seventy. It was really cool. We were really tired though. We had to get up at 5 am to be able to get there on time. At 6 we had to meet at another Elder's house and then a member from his ward took us. When we showed up at the member's house, it became apparent that the Elder hadn't told the member that there were going to be 10 of us. He had only told her 6. She took us all though. She had a little Volkswagon truck with  a shell on it and so there were 8 of us in the bed of the truck and 2 up front with the member. It was not very comfortable at all haha. This morning, we went and played basketball and football with the district, they told us we were going to play volleyball, but they didn't bring the net. It was really fun though. Well that's about all that's happening here. The next transfers are in 3 weeks, so I'm still going to be here until then with Elder Serrato. It's weird thinking that I've already been here 8 months and I'm still in my first area haha. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long. Well, tell everyone that I say hi. And tell Aunt Lisa and her family thanks for her message and that I miss and love them too. Have a great week! I love you, Elder Janda

This week was good. Finally the Guerrero family got baptized. The oldest
son, Luis Mario, was kind of doubting on Friday night when he had the
interview, but he passed, and so we gave him some scriptures to read and
told him to pray and said we would pass by the next day to see how he felt.
Then we passed by, he said he felt good when he prayed and everything and
that he wanted to get baptized. It was funny though, because his parents
wanted them all to get baptized as a family, so we were a little worried
they were going to pressure him to get baptized, but then when we passed by
we could tell that he actually meant what he said and wasn't just saying it
to please his parents. Jesus didn't get baptized, we didn't really have a
chance to really talk to him this week, but he told us he wanted to wait
still. I'm hoping that we can find him this week so that we can really talk
to him and find out what's up. That's so cool that you guys are going to go
to Puerto Rico. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun, and I'm sure it'll be great
for Uncle Brian to see some of the people that he knew on his mission. I
hadn't heard about Grandma, but I'm glad everything went well. Well, I hope
you have a great week. I love you, and am grateful for all the support you
give me. Love, Elder Janda