Monday, September 3, 2012

I know, it's crazy how time flies. I've already been in this ward for more than 7 months. Tomorrow is the transfer, so tomorrow I get my new companion, and on Wednesday in the morning is my companion's flight. I think I'll probably be the senior companion, but we'll see tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'll only be here one more transfer and then I'll get moved somewhere else. This week, we baptized Arturo and Andrea, which was awesome. Other than that, there's not much new going on here. Haha that's too bad that you did all that work just to have to take the truck in somewhere, but on the bright side, sounds like you got some good exercise in haha. (Mitch has truck issues, Eric and him spent all Saturday working on it with no luck. Sad day)
Oh and yesterday, I got some letters that you guys sent from the family reunion, and some letters from Brian's family. It was great reading the letters. Brian's letter was really funny. I couldn't help but laugh when I read it. It was full of sarcasm and goobiness haha. 
I hope you have a great week.  I'm gonna send some photos as soon as I finish writing everyone. Not much else is new though haha. Last week, in the district meeting, they told us that in about 4 or 5 months, we're not going to be allowed to knock doors or contact people in the street anymore. All of the work has to be done by references from members. Haha tell Kyle not to worry about what his friends think or say. Just keep the commandments and follow the Holy Ghost. Often members of the church are extreme with obeying the rules that they end up like the pharisees. Making all kinds of their own rules and not obeying ''the spirit of the law'' at all. (I love my boy, he always seems to say things in just the right way and say just what we need to hear.)  What we should always do is try to always be able to distinguish between the laws that God has given us and the rules that the members of the church make up.