Wednesday, March 13, 2013

 I can't believe Kyle is going to Kenya! That's crazy! He is definitely going to love it though. Court told me she's going on the trek and I told her to ask you to help her find some of our ancestor's pioneer stories so that the trek has more personal meaning for her. I don't know if you have any stories haha but I'm sure grandma does. If you have time that would really help her and Kyle to get as much as possible out of the trek. When I was in the MTC I has a district that was almost all going to the Bahia Blanca Argentina mission. Maybe he'll meet some of them. Everything here is going awesome! Elder Zufelt and I work so well together. I could swear we are brothers haha. I just hope president leaves me with him for more than one transfer. This last week we had to go to immigration to renew our visas and I got to see a bunch of missionaries from my generation who I haven't seen in a long time. It was great seeing them. We baptized Edda Lorna and her two kids yesterday. It was a great experience. Her two kids are both really excited to go on missions and everything. I can't believe how fast time is going by. These past few weeks have gone by as if they were days. How's everything going on back home? How's everything going with planning the wedding? How's the Gilbert temple going? When is it supposed to get dedicated. I've decided that after I get home I want to try and work in the temple, either the Gilbert or the Mesa temple. I think it would be an amazing experience. Well I hope you have an amazing week. I think about you and pray for you every day. I love you :) Love, Elder Janda
Things here are going awesome. Elder Zufelt and I are working like never before. We are planning to baptize 14 people this week. It's not very common that two Americans are together and even less that two previous companions are together. I'm really excited though. Edda Lorna is doing great. She went to church this week and loved it. Her and her two sons are going to get baptized this Sunday. I'm really excited for them. It's the best feeling ever knowing that I am able to take part in their conversion and help them change their lives to take the necessary steps to have an eternal family. I can't wait to hear where Kyle gets called. I'm glad to hear that everything there is going well. It was great seeing the pictures that you sent me. Who is the girl Kyle went to the dance with? She looks familiar. The weather here has been really cold the past two days. It was really weird, but it was a nice change. haha Well, I hope you have an awesome week. I love you :) Love, Elder Janda