Monday, February 20, 2012


Yeah, my p-day is on Mondays.
Everything is going pretty well here. We had two baptisms this week, Ivonne and Elvira. I didn't do much of the teaching or preparing them or anything, but it was still cool.
I'm not sure what my address is, but it's in Distrito Federal, in the colony Pantitlan. I live on Calle Cinco between Calle Norte and Calle Zaragoza (I think that's how its spelled).
I live right across the street from a big Bimbo bread factory. Our area is pretty average I think for most of Mexico City, most people are pretty poor and work all the time. It's a pretty small area. If you find it on a map, it goes from Calle Uno to Calle Siete and from Calle Xochimilco to Calle Zaragoza. Our chapel is actually in a different area. It's on Calle seis and some other road I don't remember the name of. It's cool though.
We eat everyday with a different member for lunch, and every time they feed us, it's like they don't think we ever eat or something, cuz they always feed as way more than we could possibly eat. Every time, I leave feeling like I'm going to throw up just because I ate so much. The members are all really nice though.
The area here is pretty average for Mexico City, but it's a lot poorer than it is there. It's probably about the same as if you went into the poorest areas or downtown Chandler or Mesa. It's not too bad though.
We've had to walk a lot this last week. Since two of our investigators were getting baptized, we've been trying to find some new ones, so we've been doing a lot of knocking doors. We're also teaching a guy named Valentine Odiosola who is the father of Ivonne, one of the people that got baptized yesterday. His wife got baptized recently too, just a few weeks ago. Apparently he's never really been very interested in hearing the lessons, until last week. We were over there waiting for his daughter to come home from work, and he said he wanted to go to church and to hear more about our church and everything. Their whole family is really cool. We're also teaching a man named José Luis. He's supposed to get baptized this next Sunday, but he works a lot so it's tough to get all the lessons in and everything. We also are going to teach the son of Elvira I think. He's really interested in the church, but he has school, so we can only teach him on the weekends. I'm glad to hear everything there is going well.
I love you and am so grateful for everything that you do for me. Love, Elder Janda