Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This week was alright. It was pretty good at the beginning, but as the week went on, there were fewer and fewer people home. This week was semana santa, or holy week. Which is basically just a celebration of the last week of the life of Christ. I think it's just a Catholic thing to celebrate it, and maybe it's just a Mexico thing I don't know. They celebrate it hardcore here though. I'm not sure the details or anything, but I know that they basically act out the last week of Christ's life on Friday and in the end they crucify the person who is acting Christ. Not until they die, but they hang them on a cross for a while and whip him and everything. It's ridiculous.
Also, this week is when everyone has school vacations, and so a lot of people go to the beach and stuff. So hardly anyone was home. It was kind of annoying, but oh well.
For Easter, we didn't really do anything special.
As far as the people that we're teaching, the 4 Zabala kids are supposed to get baptized this coming Sunday. We've already taught them all the lessons, but their grandma wants us to come by every day this week, so we'll probably just end up reading scriptures with them or watching some church videos. They're really cool, I like teaching them. Manuel is supposed to get baptized the following Sunday. He's been having lots of problems in his life lately. I feel bad for him. Right after we met him, I believe it was about two weeks ago, his daughter got raped. Then, this last Thursday or Friday, that same daughter ran away from home, and he hasn't heard from her or anything.
José dropped us last Sunday after conference, and we haven't had a chance to see him again. We also have a few other people who we're working with, but we've only taught them once, so I don't really know if they'll progress or not.
Today we went to the pyramids at Teotihuacan. They were so cool. I want to go visit them again after my mission.
Well I have to go so we aren't late to district meeting, but I think we're going to get back on a little later because we didn't have much time to write or anything.
I love you and will talk to you later. Love Elder Janda

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