Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi to everyone,
This week was pretty good. We ended up only baptizing Noemí, because Elsa had a family emergency and hasn´t been home since saturday, and Jesús wants to get baptized with his friend. We're going to try and get his friend more excited to get baptized or get Jesús to decide to get baptized without his friend this coming week. We're still teaching the family that came to church and they are all still really interested. We went and taught them on Saturday night and before we knew it 2 hours had passed and we were still teaching and they were still asking questions haha. On Saturday morning, the young woman had an activity where they went to an orphanage and played with the kids, and the daughter from that family went with them and said she really liked it. And then on sunday night we took a recent convert to the stake family history center, and there was a priesthood devotional or something going on and while we were there we saw the father and the the older son at the devotional. It was great. We didn't even tell them anything about it. They just heard about it at church and went. This next week is transfers. I´m pretty sure I'm gonna get changed. I've been in this area already for 6 months and my companion goes home after the next transfer. I'm kind of excited to go somewhere else, but at the same time, it will be hard leaving all the people I know here and all the people I've been working with toward baptism.
It's so weird thinking that Courtney is in high school already. Did Mitch move back yet?
This morning I was watching 17 Miracles. I love that movie. Everytime I watch it it makes me want to do family history. On Sunday when we went to the stake family history center with hermana Jessika, I logged into the family search website so we could show her how it all works. We were looking and seeing how far back the names went and we finally gave up because there were too many names. On The Janda side, it only went back 6 or 7 generations though, so I guess that's where I get to start working when I get home haha.
Well, I hope you have a great week and everything goes great in your interview.
I love you. Elder Janda

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