Sunday, August 26, 2012


Everything here is going pretty well. My companion is getting a bit more lazy which gets frustrating at times, but oh well. Today, we had a district activity. We went and played soccer and volleyball and basketball like we usually do just about every week, and then we asked Hermano Juan, the member that we rent from, if he could go and make us some carne asada. It was super good. His son also went with us and played which is great because his dad is trying to get him to go on his mission. He's 20, but he doesn't really want to do anything. He just spends all his time hanging out with his friends, but he seems like he's getting more excited to go on his mission. Today he said he was going to send his papers in in January. That's awesome that Court's team is doing so great. Hopefully they continue like they are and get even better. Tell Court I said hi and good job on her games and that I love her too. That's cool that Brandon is going on his mission. Where is he going? I forgot haha. . There's not really much new going on here. We're just trying to find more people to teach. Oh and I've been thinking about trying to do drumline again when I get home, so next time you send me a package or something, if you could send me my drumsticks and my practice pad I would really appreciate it. I love you, and I hope you have a great week. Love, Elder Janda

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