Thursday, March 28, 2013

Everything here is going well. This last week was a bit tough. We had trouble finding new investigators, but all is well. We baptized the coolest girl ever. I'll send you a picture. She's 16 but she's sick and basically her kidney's don't work at all, and somehow it affected her growth, so she looks like she's about 10, but she's really funny. I remembered to bring my camera this time, so I'll send some pictures haha. That's awesome that Melissa got her mission call. (My niece to RoseVille CA) Tell her I say congratulations. And that is Wesley's (Morgan's good friend)  mission, I'll email him and tell her that she's going there. How did old blue die?  Who killed her? haha In your sunday school class, about the atonement, there is an awesome talk by Elder Packer in the last conference about lighthouses. You could share that. If the kids know the scriptures really well, then you could try to teach more from conference talks and the Ensigns and stuff like that. So this last week I sent my scriptures with this guy to get them recovered, because the binding on my bible had completely broken. Today I just got them back and their so cool! I had him put some new leather on there and it's like a light brown orange-ish color. It looks really cool. Book of Mormon It really is the cornerstone of our religion and the key to happiness. If you are looking for guidance to get closer to God. The Book of Mormon is the key. Anyway, I love you. And am so glad that you are my mom. You are the best! I love you :) Elder Janda

Hola! Sounds like everything there is going pretty well. Here too. This morning we went and played soccer and basketball and such with the youth from our ward. It was really cool. Yesterday, we baptized Paulino and Sandra. It was awesome. They were both really excited. On Saturday, Elder Quentin L Cook came and we had a conference with him. It was awesome. It was just all the missionaries from our mission. Also Elder Maynes from the presidency of the 70, President Benjamin De Hoyos from the area presidency and Elder Johnson, and area 70 were all the there. The talks were all amazing. I really felt the spirit and it made me want to work a lot more and a lot harder. They basically all talked about the importance of our call to be missionaries and about how we need to love the people. It was great. Other than that, the week was pretty normal. Lots of work haha. We've had basically every day so full of appointments that we don't even have to plan at night and the day is so busy that we are almost always running late haha but it's great. I just hope I get to stay with Elder Zufelt for another change. This change is going by so fast, I almost can't believe it. I was going to send some pictures of the baptism and such, but I forgot my camera at home. I'll have to send some next week. Well I hope you have a fantastic week. I love you so much and am so grateful for everything you do for me. You're the best! Love, Elder Janda

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