Saturday, June 15, 2013

That's too bad about Kyle's visa. Tell him not to worry. Just to trust in the Lord. Everything will turn out for the best. I'm glad that you had fun at the reunion. Today we went to Zocalo. It was a lot fun, but now I am exhausted haha. Everything down here has been going well. Yesterday, I gave a talk on respecting church leaders because a lot of people here have problems with accepting and following the leaders. I feel like I did pretty well. I didn't end up having much time to talk though. The other speakers went a little over time and there were a few confirmations so in the end I only had about 5 minutes to talk. I feel like it was one of the better talks that I have given though because I didn't really feel nervous or anything. I can hardly believe that I already have been out here 18 months and in only 6 months I'll be home. I can hardly even imagine what life will be like after the mission. haha I'm sure it will be great though. How is work and your Sunday school class going? How is everyone else doing? Tell them all I say hi and that I love them. Today I got the birthday letters that you all sent me :) Thank you so much. It was awesome reading from all of you and seeing the pictures. Everyone looks so different haha. Well, I love you and hope you have a fantastic week. I am so grateful for you and the great example you have always given me, and for always teaching me to choose the right. I am where I am because of you and Dad. I love you so much and am so grateful for you! Love, Elder Janda

Don't worry about last week haha. My new area is alright and my comp is cool. It's Elder Austin from Utah. He was in my MTC district. We get along really well and are teaching a few people. The biggest problem we're having right now with the people that we teach is getting them to go to church. It's pretty frustrating because they always say yes to everything and say they will go to church and read and pray, but then they don't do it. We're working hard though and seeing how we can help them. That's awesome that Kyle already went to the temple. And I'm sure the family reunion will be a ton of fun. Well, I don't really have much time to write. In the morning we went and played soccer and football as a zone. It was a lot of fun, but I got really burnt haha. The only bad thing is that now we're having to rush to get everything done in time haha. Well, I hope you have a fantastic week. I love you. Love, Elder Janda

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