Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/15/13 Hello! So this week, president decided to make some changes. I'm not in Ozumba anymore haha. Now I'm in a ward called buena vista in the meyehualco stake. I still don't really know where it is since I just got here Saturday afternoon haha. All I know is that it is in Iztapalapa in the Federal District. It's a lot like Neza, just a bit more safe. My new companion is really cool. He's from Spanish Fork, but his mom is Debbie Redd from Monticello. I'm interested to see if you know her or not, because I remember having heard that last name before and he remembers hearing his mom talk about Blacks that she used to know haha. What a small world it can be haha. Anyway. Everything here is going well. We have lots of work in this area. We have several people that want to get baptized but have to get married first, and a few have to get divorced first so that they can get married to who they are living with now haha. Situations like that are frustrating at times, but it's all part of the work haha. I was going to send some pictures today, but I forgot to bring my memory again. I'm going to have to write myself a note or something so that I don't forget next week. That's crazy that Evan is getting married. Do you know who he is getting married to? Tell him congratulations for me. I love you and am so grateful for your great example and for everything that you do for me. You are AWESOME! :) Love, Elder Janda

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  1. Hi there! My daughter just got her mission call yesterday to Mexico City Southeast. In looking for information on the mission, I came across this blog and I've really enjoyed getting some information from Elder Janda about Mexico. I'm just curious though, are there many sister missionaries there?
    So, thanks for the posts!!!