Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011

Everything here is going good. i'm still getting along with my companion and everything. It's funny, we both think very similarly, like yesterday, we were having a discussion in class about our purpose as missionaries and the doctine of Christ and things like that, and every time either of us was gonna say anything the other one said it first. I'm really grateful that I got a good companion to start off with. That was my biggest worry when I was heading out. I'm still getting along with most of my district too, there's only a few people that are starting to bug me, but oh well. I haven't met any apostles or anything yet, but this past Sunday the BYU men's choir came and sang for our devotional, which was really cool, and then Tuesday, the young women's president came and spoke. Apparently Tuesdays are the days when apostles and such come, so we'll see who comes this week. I think I'm adjusting well, we're always busy. There's hardly ever any time that we don't have something to do. The language is coming really well. Out of our entire district I'm one of the ones that knows it the best. I think it's because I took it in school, and because I learned it when I was little with the jennings, and because we live in Arizona. It's been cold, but not unbearably so. It snowed a little bit a few days ago, but none of it stuck, which is alright with me. If I get a chance, I'll try to get on again later and send you another email.
Le amo mucho.

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