Saturday, January 14, 2012


This week was good. Elder Nelson came on Tuesday for the devotional. It was good. It wasn't quite as good as when Elder Bednar came though. Elder Nelson's talk was mostly just a lot of scripture references and then he kinda left it up to us to really apply it to our lives, where Elder Bednar's was more of just application and this we should do to be better. They were both good though.
I can't wait til I can go to Mexico. One of the districts in my zone is leaving a week from Monday. I'm so jealous. They're all really cool. I'm gonna miss them.
I was gonna print out some pictures at the store and mail them to you guys, but I think I'm just gonna mail you my sd card. We'll see.
I'm learning Spanish very well. I even get bored at times in class because I already know a lot of the stuff just from studying it on my own time. Every day we get about two hours of personal study time, about an hour of language study time, another hour of language study time where we use this computer program called TALL, and then two three hour class periods. During class we do lots of different things though. We usually have about an hour of each class for progressing investigator which is when we teach one of our teachers who is pretending to be an investigator. We don't all teach every day though. Usually two companionship's will teach each class period. And then for everyone else it's basically just study time. I feel like all that we do is sit in class, eat, and sleep. And we get an hour of gym time, But it always go by really fast.
I just started playing volleyball this week during gym time. Before now I usually just either played basketball, or ran on the track. Some of the missionaries in my zone were playing volleyball though so I figured I would just join them. It's pretty fun. I'm not very good though.
It snowed this week. I don't remember which day. All of the days run together since I do basically the same thing every day. haha But yeah it snowed. Only once though. Then it's just been kinda cold since then. It's not too bad though.
I hope you're all doing well.
I love and miss you all.

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