Friday, January 6, 2012


Hola, this week has been very busy.
My companion and I are the new zone leaders, and a group of missionaries left Wednesday morning and another came in Wednesday afternoon, so its been super busy just trying to figure all that out. But, everything is still great.
Thanks for sending me the pictures, I loved them. And tell Wesley to tell me when he is going to go into the MTC.
My schedule depends on the day. I do the same things every day, but in different orders. Everyday, I have 50 minutes of gym a few hours of personal study time, an hour of language study, an hour where I use this computer software to help me learn the language, and then I have two three hour class periods where a teacher is there. About a third of each class period, is called progressing investigator. Its where we teach someone. We don´t all teach every day, but usually at least every other day. We have to people that we teach. They are just our teachers, but they are acting like someone they taught in their mission, so it´s basically like teaching the actual person. Then, every Tuesday, they have teaching resource center, which is basically where people volunteer to come in and we just teach them a lesson. It´s cool, because unlike in progressing investigator, these people are just being themselves. A lot of times their members of the church, and sometimes they´re even teachers who work here. it´s a cool experience.
I don´t remember the name of the guy who came and spoke on Tuesday, but he was the guy who is in charge of all the foreign MTC's, so he had some really cool stories about people who made huge sacrifices to go on their missions, and just other good stuff like that.
My companion and I were waiting yesterday outside of a classroom, because we got a missionary in our district who flew in from Sweden and didn't get here until late on Wednesday night, so we had to help him get everything he needed and get all situated and everything.
Anyway, while we were waiting, some elders were down the hallways in one of the other room practicing a cello piano duet. It was so cool. I definitely think music is one of the things I miss the most.
The temple opened again today. It´s been closed since the week before Christmas, so we haven´t been able to go, but we get to go today.
I´m excited. I love you. Thanks for all the support you give me.
Yo estoy muy agradecido por todos mis bendiciones. Este lugar es un lugar de milagros. Es un lugar mas maravilloso de todos otros. te amo mucho.
Elder Janda

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