Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So this week has been pretty eventful. Yesterday, we finally got to go to the consolate. We were there for about 5 hours, and all we did was get our picture taken, get fingerprinted, and sign a couple papers, but it was worth it. This morning, we were getting ready to go to the temple, and they called us down to the travel office. Apparently, they are going to go pick up our visas sometime today, and we are leaving tomorrow morning at 8 am. Three of the elders in my district got to leave last night and flew up to Boise to go get visas at the consolate up there and they are flying down to Mexico tomorrow as well. We'll meet them in Texas and we'll all fly down together. The other two missionaries in my district, the ones that are going to Villahermosa, got their reassignments on Wednesday. They leave Monday morning, and will be serving in Dallas while they wait for their visas. I'm super excited to leave. The MTC is a great place, but I'm ready to get out and try to help some real people. Tomorrow morning, we leave the MTC at 8am, and then our flight leaves Salt Lake at 12:45, so I should have time to call at the Salt Lake airport. Then we arrive in Texas around 4:30 and leave around 5:45, so I might have a few minutes to call at that airport too, but I'm not sure. I got your package, the queso was good. They have a microwave in our residence, so I heated it up and then just let people eat it. They all seemed like they enjoyed it haha. I hope everything is going well down there and that you are all having fun. The address for the mission home in Mexico City is in the book that came with my call. It's:

Mexico Mexico City Southeast Mission
Av: del Taller No. 540, Col. Jardin Balb
Delegacion Venustiano Carranza
C.P. 15900, Distrito Federal

or the pouch mail address is:

Mexico Mexico City Southeast Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150

I'm not really sure how the pouch mail system works or anything, but that's the address haha. I'm sending my memory card down with my letter to Katie, so she should get it either Tuesday or Wednesday I think. I love you, and I'm grateful for all the support you give me.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. Elder Janda

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