Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Elder Janda welcome to Mexico!!!

So I got to Mexico fine and all is good. I was going to call when I got to Houston, but I ended up only having a couple minutes because our flight was a little late, then they changed the gate, and the card wouldn't work anyway, but that's ok. At least I got to talk to everyone a lot in Salt Lake. So Saturday night, we got here around 9. The secretaries picked us up and we all just went to the offices. Of the four secretaries, three are from Mexico, and one is from Alabama. The three from Mexico can all speak some English, but not much. And they can all usually understand pretty well. The one that's from Alabama is pretty cool. Anyway, so we got here Saturday night, then Sunday morning, we split into two groups and went to a few different wards. It was pretty cool. They didn't have anyone to play the piano, so I had to ha ha. I didn't understand everything that they said, but I understand quite a bit, I was surprised. ha ha Anyway, after church, some of us hung out at the chapel and some of the ward members fed us there. Their church building is very different from ours. They have two buildings with a little open walkway between. In one of the buildings is basically the chapel and the overflows, and then the other building is the classrooms. After we were done eating, we had to wait around for a bit because two missionaries had gone with this other companionship to go eat at a members house. After they got back, we just went to the offices and the assistants came and then a little later the president came. They basically just talked to us about specific rules and ways they do things in this missions. They are really focusing on members in this mission. Were supposed to go to a members house every day except Sunday and Monday and talk with them and teach them basically how to share the gospel. Then, they president started doing interviews with all of the missionaries. And that was basically what we did the whole day. Then, today, the president came over again to finish the interviews. Then we went to a chapel and talked some more about specific things about our mission and how they want us to do things. Then all the trainers came and the president talked with all of us and all the trainers about the new training program. Then we had our transfer meeting. I'm serving in the same area where we went to church yesterday. Its in Pantitlan which I believe is in the more northern part of my mission. My companion is Elder Rogers. He's most recently from Globe, AZ but before that he lived in Chile for about 7 years. He seems pretty cool. I had met him yesterday at the church. He's pretty new. Hes only been here for 3 months. But he already new Spanish before from living in Chile. I think my Spanish is pretty well, I can usually understand what people are saying. Like at church yesterday, I understand almost all of what the speakers and the teachers said. My only problem is being able to speak back. I'm sure that will just come with time though. Its weird thinking that I'm in Mexico right now. I like it though. The weather here is super nice right now, or at least it has been since I got here. Hopefully it continues ha ha. Well I hope everything is going well, and that you have a great week. I love you. Elder Janda

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