Monday, April 23, 2012

Hola, no worries about last week. This past week was pretty good. I don't know any details about the volcano or anything, in fact you probably know more about it than I do haha. It hasn't effected us at all. We're pretty far away from it. Well, I had some very interesting things happen this week. On Friday, we went to go to an appointment with a lady that we had set up an appointment with while knocking doors. We got to her house and right away we knew something was up. When we got there before we even knocked or anything some guy outside working on a car told us to just go in and then we walk in and in her living room, there were about 8 or 9 people sitting in there with their Bibles and there were a bunch of chair set up in the room. It was weird haha, I thought she must have either invited some friends to come listen to us, or (more likely) she invited a bunch of people to come and listen to us get told off by some preacher. It ended up being neither. Apparently, on Fridays at 5, a bunch of people meet and this preacher comes and basically gives a sermon and they have a little Bible study class. It was actually pretty cool. We only stayed for a little bit because we had another appointment after, but we before we left we gave them all pamphlets. There ended up being 13 people there all from various Christian churches. We're going to go back this next week and hopefully the preacher will let us share a little message or at least some of the people read the pamphlets and will be interested in letting us come teach them. I guess we'll have to wait and see. We also had an interesting experience knocking doors. I don't remember which day it was, I want to say Wednesday, but who knows. Anyway, we were early for our lunch appointment, so we decided to just knock doors around the member's house that was going to feed us. We knocked this one door, and this old guy and his wife come out, so we start talking to them, trying to set up an appointment with them to come back sometime this week, but they just kept talking and not listening or accepting an appointment or anything. So then we decided to just give them a pamphlet and leave, so we gave the guy the restoration pamphlet, and on the cover, is a picture of Jesus carrying a lamb. When we gave the guy the pamphlet, apparently it reminded him of a song that he likes, so he decided to sing it to us. It was actually a pretty cool song, it was about the parable of the shepherd who left the 99 and went to go look for the 1 lost sheep. It was pretty funny. The song was 3 verses or so, luckily, he actually sang decently compared to most of the people here, I don't know why, but hardly anyone here can sing very well. The Zavala kids finally got baptized this week. Only the older two though, the mother of the other two came last week and decided that she didn't want their grandmother taking care of them anymore and took the kids. I got to baptized the older of the two, it was pretty funny, we ended up having to use cold water, because apparently nobody has keys to the boiler, and when I baptized her, she kind of freaked out and kicked her legs and so I had to baptize her again. Manuel finally found his daughter, but she still hasn't come home. She staying with some other lady, and apparently the kid's lawyers are trying to get the kid to be able to go free, so Manuel has been super busy fighting that and dealing with everything. We finally found him and got to teach him though. He's doing super well, considering everything he is going through, and we're going to try to baptize him this Sunday. I know he's ready, we just need to teach him a bit more. I got the package that you sent yesterday. It's great having the secretaries' in my ward. We have lunch appointments together, so I get to see them everyday, and whenever I get mail or anything they bring it to me that day instead of making me wait until I go to the areas or there is a big meeting or something like the elders in all the other areas. The package was perfect. I was cracking up reading some of the letters I got. Especially the comics from Canaan and Tyler, and hearing about Tyler's Easter Bunny Conspiracy Theory haha. Oh another funny thing that happened this week. On Saturday, we went to an appointment with some members, and after we taught a little message and were just about the leave, the brother made us help him learn about how to emigrate to Canada. For some reason, everyone here wants to go to Canada. He said they want to go because he doesn't like Mexico and he wants to experience the cold haha. The only problem was that the website was all in English, so he could read it, so he basically made us sit down and translate everything for him and help him learn how to emigrate to Canada haha. It was hilarious. Apparently his son wants to go to some music school in Toronto, Ontario and so he made us help him look up how to get a student visa to go study there haha. At one point, we told him it looked like it would be pretty difficult to emigrate because he would have to learn English or French, so then he was like well if I can't go to Canada, then Germany, and then started trying to look up information to go to Germany haha. Well, I hope you have a great week. Thank you for the package, and please convey my appreciation to all those who contributed as well. I love you, Elder Janda

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