Sunday, November 3, 2013

10/28/13 Everything here is going well. I'm trying to fill out the FERPA form. But the system is being difficult. But don't worry, I'll get it in. It's crazy to think that Courtney is old enough to go on dates. Weird haha. Yesterday, my companion and I got to speak in Sacrament meeting. It was his first time giving a talk in Spanish. He did really well though. I normally stay focused, but sometimes I get distracted figuring out what classes to take or thinking about finding a job when I get home or such things. I normally only get distracted when I talk with other missionaries that are going home soon as well haha. I'll see if I can find some masks. They aren't too expensive, but there sometimes hard to find in my area. But seeing as it's almost halloween, there are a lot of places selling costumes, so I'll see what I can do haha. This week I was talking to my bishop here and he told me that his daughter and her family recently moved to Chandler. They're in the Cooper 2nd ward haha. What a small world. haha Well, I'm going to try and get everything figured out for ASU so hopefully next week I can get registered for classes. I love you so much. Thank you a ton for everything, especially for all the help with ASU. You are the best. I love you :) Love, Elder Janda

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